Mostalgic Monday: Lisa Frank, the Movement


Lisa Frank is not the name of a woman, it is the name of a movement, a culture, a way of living. It is a theory, a concept, a belief in something greater than yourself. It is the belief that all girls are entitled to dolphins covered with rainbows, jewel-encrusted frogs, and unicorns in acid-trip colors hugging each other. It is the ideology that no notebook is complete until it literally hurts your eyes to look at from so much color saturation. It is the hope that no school supply, no matter how insignificant, will be left un-bedazzled. It is the knowledge that your eraser cap, and that of your granddaughter’s, and her granddaughter’s after her, will not be some boring little nub–it will be a diamond covered with butterflies in a rainbow of colors. It is the dream of a better tomorrow. -Chelsea Fagan

For those of us women (and select men) who grew up in the 1990s, Lisa Frank needs no introduction. Her brightly-colored notebooks, stickers and stationery were pretty much a staple of any elementary or middle school backpack and/or folder device of some sort. You know the ones: kittens peaking over the brim of a splatter-paint high-top sneaker which floats inexplicably in a night sky replete with neon dolphins leaping over baffling neon rainbows.  Or maybe your style was more purple penguins hugging on a psychedelic unicorn with a kaleidoscope mane?   I personally went with the cutesy multi-neon-colored sea lion surrounded by fellow multi-neon-colored fishy friends.  (see pic below)  Whatever your preference, Lisa Frank was definitely a movement.  Apparently there is something today called Miley Cyrus: The Movement, but bitch please, you can’t hold a candle up to Lisa Frank, unless that candle was neon pink and donned with dolphins, then we’ll see.  Lisa Frank had such a profound part of my childhood and moreover my elementary memories.  At my school, Sunrise Elementary in Widefield, Colorado (what up Widefiield shout out!) Trapper Keepers were not really allowed.  They did not adequately fit in our desks so therefore they were “banished” from school.  HOWEVER I did indeed have a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and I remember we got around this rule by being allowed to keep our Trapper Keepers on TOP of our desk instead of inside it.  Wow, that was an easy battle.  Pogs were also banned from our school because they were a means of gambling.  We did it anyway.  And a good portion of mine were in fact of the LF variety.  Lisa Frank Slammers? Uh no, those were primarily 8-balls and Poison something or other, but you better believe I had LF pogs.

I found the exact Trapper Keeper that I had for sale on ebay, for $99.95.  Uhhhhhh what?  Seriously?  dedannnnnnnnngggggg…….


I LOVED this Trapper Keeper, and damn be to me for getting rid of it.  Look how cute that seal is.   ‘Tis a fairly tame LF if you ask me.

The real Lisa Frank, yes she is a real person, looks like this.


My question is when is the biopic starring Kristen Wiig as neon- artist- celebrity-and -real-life-person, Lisa Frank, going to be made?  Amirite people?  I mean COME ON!  I love that turtleneck.

Seeing Lisa Frank just takes me back to a time where my only care in the world was if my brother was going to demolish my room today or tomorrow?  Or if I should wear 2 or 3 different colored socks that matched my over sized t-shirt with leggings.  One thing is for sure Lisa Frank is forever emblazoned in my memory and the happy warm feelings that go with it will probably never subside.  I wonder what kids have nowadays that brings such joy and color to the world?  I wanna live in that world.  Forever.

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The above BA quote comes from Chelsea Fagan.  Check out her original blog post here which has some really, really great points that any 90s kids/now adults will love.

In case you need a refresher of Mostaligic Mondays, please see footnote below*. Rightly so since I’ve been such a degenerate in posting this year. To that, dear reader (yes singular) I do apologize.

*Mostaligic: (definition) the removal of “N” and replacement of said removal with an “M” to achieve alliteration and therefore obvious pleasure.

PS:  It’s the site that girls love!



Media Monday: Breaking up with Breaking Bad……….Bitch


It’s inevitable. Break ups are inevitable. Some harder than others. Last night marked the Series Finale of Breaking Bad. {You should know right now this is in no way a spoiler of last night’s finale, so if you’re worried about that, then please dear Reader, read on. Also you should also note that I’m not a dick and only a dick would spoil one of the most highly anticipated finales since LOST.}


These break ups happen in life. You’re never ready for them, and they seem to sneak up on you when you least expect it. Some of you wanna get dramatic and say that you’re life is over due to the fact that BB is going off the air, but you’ll get over it. This time next week, you’ll be on to the next up and coming series and your love for BB will remain, but you’re abrupt heartache will have surpassed. It’s a feeling many of us who have grown up watching shows have come to know very well, and how could you not? You invite these characters into your living room, week after week, and you laugh with them, learn with them, fall in love with them, and get really, really emotional if they die. I’m pretty sure when Felicity ended after only 4 seasons I cried more than I did when my cat died in 5th grade.

BB is rediculously bad ass. It has pushed the envelope and raised the bar more than any other show that I have seen in the last 10 years. How lucky we are to be viewers of television right now. Ammirite? It’s a wonderful time and Breaking Bad is a show that will only help the future of TV. Either by keeping up the pace, or again, breaking the mold with new inventive and even more outrageous shows yet to come.


Now, here’s the thing about breaking up with a beloved show……. I’m for it. Think about if this show was on for another 5 years, or even 2 years…..It loses something vital to the world in which it has created. That’s where LOST was extremely smart and way ahead of the game. They deliberately planned 6 seasons, and they didn’t have the slightest clue as to how the show would end. They just knew it would be 6 seasons, no more. Some would argue that the finale of LOST was a cop out, but hey, this article isn’t about LOST , and that’s the 2nd time I’ve referenced it, so imma get outta here with it! White and Pinkman’s time with meth and much, much more has come to a close. But all bad things must come to an end, and it is the quintessential time for an end.

Now my problem with a show like this ending now is the heavy influence of social media. I can guarantee that shows like Cheers and M*A*S*H and even my personal fave of the mid 90s, Quantum Leap didn’t have the kind of viceral and violent reaction that fans can have to their favorite show ending. Back then you were able to make a decision, solely based on you, whether you loved or hated the way a show panned out. It was your experience and yours alone. Then, of course, you could have endless conversations and albeit arguments with friends and family regarding *insert show here* but thusly, that would be the end of it. Nowadays jagoffs thrust their hatred OR love for it into the depths of the interwebs. (And no, that’s not what I”m doing here people, come on, stay with me) and thus taint an otherwise untainted experience. Those same foes who decide it’s their duty to inform you on a show because they want to feel part of the “in” crowd. THey want to exude the fact that they know what’s up and you all need to know about it, and more importantly how they feel about it. It’s just such a……bummer.

It’s hard to not let that sort of in-your-face-media ultimately affect the way you feel about something, however I urge you to refrain from, like I stated in the opening paragraph, being a dick. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are, what I instantly just coined as, a blurse. That is a blessing and a curse. {I mean I could have gone with clessing, but that sounds sorta vulgar and weird so I’m going to stick with ma first made up word, uh-thank-you-very-much). They have a tendency to invoke such strong feelings and comments towards topics, and because these said individuals are safe hangin in their dorm room decorated apartment with books lining the floor because you can’t afford a bookshelf, and eating ramen outta the microwave, not stovetop cooked, cause they definitely have a stovetop, but are lazy you think it’s ok to attack and blunder and generally lash out on individuals because they happen to disagree to how a made up scripted television show ended? Yes. It is just as ridiculous to read as it is to do. This goes for those same sorry sacs, who are positively of the same cut as the above ramen eaters, that like to post a spoiler on their status or feed cause they ultimately want to be “in” it, and show that they are “in” it. All I can say to you is stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s not going to happen!

In brief, I hope you all are able to enjoy the finale of Breaking Bad without interruption and without spoils. Breaking up is certainly hard to do, but ya gotta just let it happen and rejoice that you were, even in a small way, part of something as sensational as this show is/was. Be it if you are just starting out the series, or if you’ve been on board since the beginning, it’s time for Mr. White, Jesse, Sylar, Walt Jr., Holly, Hank, Marie, Mike, and Saul to break things off. It’s definitely not them, it’s me, but I trust Mr. Gilligan has left us in pretty good hands to either cry tears of joy, or tears of devastation. Or both. Bitch.


Media Monday: 5 reasons why I’m not an adult even though I’m almost 30 and should be.

Summer Hiatus, done. We back. Hope you all enjoyed your time abroad visiting many countries and having good solid fights with French waiters. Oh wait, was that just me?

It’s true fourtayers, I’m nearly 30. 6 months shy of dying. J/k j/k, I don’t mind checking a new age box. But I certainly have some habits that are quite un-adult like, as I’m sure you all do. But are you almost 30? Do you still dress up for every Halloween? I do. Oh yes, very, very yes.


1) For the life of me I can’t figure out where in a grocery store, or any store for that matter, they place baking soda. And I’m too proud to ask. Sorry fridge. And teeth.


2) I have no concept of the DOW or whatever other stock exchange jargon you might throw at me. Or if it affects me.


3) My monthly budget really oughtta factor in tampons, but it always sneaks up on me* I mean it does happen EVERY FLIPPIN MONTH. Stupid shark week. (before you get angry at that last part, see below).



4) I get sad at Target when I spot a school supplies list and realize (for the 15th year in a row) that this no longer applies to me.


5) I live in Los Angeles. Adults don’t really exist here.

There are loads more, I’m sure of it, but I stuck to the title. AND the most adult thing I’m gonna do is go to bed before midnight. Well after I watch Breaking Bad.


*you should probably question the fact that my budget is so low that it might not be able to purchase the necessary feminine products every second person in the world deserves.

Media Monday: Meme-orial Day

I love that I get all the holidays for my entries

Today we celebrate those who have fought for our freedom, we remember the heroes that have given their lives for ours, and to the many brave men and women who continue to do so

I also can’t pass up a good pun either. So happy Meme-orial Monday to you all. Here are some of my fave memes….












and my all time favorite that I possibly use too much in real life…


I’d like to thank Pinterest for holding its end of the bargain by allowing me to pin all of these wonderful memes so I can easily access them in a time where I really needed them. Like now. I’d also like to thank all the brilliant makers of memes in general. Thanks for making me LOL literally. And lastly I’d like to thank the Veterans. Be proud, I know I am.

Mostalgic Monday: Zack Morris and his ability to “Time Out”


It is safe to say that Saved by the Bell was the single most influential TV series I grew up with. Even more so than Full House or Boy Meets World (which are both high contenders). But for me Saved by the Bell is the holy grail of 90s awesome TV shows. Having said that, can we talk about something that for some reason is just NOW bothering me? The fact that Zack Morris has the ability to stop time. LIKE ACTUALLY STOP TIME IN IT’S TRACKS, AND MANIPULATE THE OUTCOME OF CERTAIN SITUATIONS. Please see the link below

I was having a conversation with a very cute boy yesterday and he asked me “What would you rather be able to do, stop time? or fly?” My immediate resposne was fly of course, but his was stop time. But why? Ultimately? Why would you stop time over being able to fly whenever, or wherever? So he could take a nap essentially and not lose out on the rest of his day. Now this is a gentlemen who works a lot. Like to the point that he needs to start demanding more money, or cash in some favors, etc, what have you. But then as I was trying to fall asleep last night I got to thinking about actually stopping time, and Zack Morris popped into my head. He actually had this ability to stop time, and it was just accepted. I never questioned it growing up. Not once, but now (yes like 17 years later) I’m like, hold up, wha?


So first of all, Zack would stop time with the all too well known univerally-known-football-symbol for Timing out, he then would break the 4th wall (thank you acting degree, hard at work) and address us directly. Now we all know that Zack was the glue that held this show together. The only reason it continued on from Good Morning, Miss Bliss, is because they changed the title, and kept Zack on board.


But does that give him the right to play God and be able to stop time? It's such an interesting part of the character to me now that everything about SBTB comes into question. Why then would he not Stop Time when Jessie was overdosing on caffeine pills (though I think my life is a little better because of this episode), or why wouldn’t he Stop Time when Kelly starts to have the hots for her new, way too good looking and older chip-on-his-shoulder Manager of the Max, Jeff. (Who, sidebar, upon researching for this article I found he’s receieved numerous hate mail for being the one to “break up one of the greatest romances of the 20th Century. You stole Kelly away from Zack and then had the nerve to cheat on her with some whore at The Attic. I can never forgive you for that, and if I ever see you on the street, you’d better believe I’m going to kick you square in the balls. Sincerely, Jenny Mapleton.” The note also had a drawing of a man (presumably Jeffrey) being kicked in the groin by a little girl(presumably Jenny Mapleton).”

I don’t really know what to make of this ultimately. Zack Morris is a god among normal high school boys, but still a regular, high school Preppy. Maybe I’m just jealous of this ability, and if I tried it in real life I guarantee nothing would happen beyond my co-worker, Jackie, just looking at me like I’m idiot (which she does on a regular basis with or without me attempting to Stop Time). I’m no Zack Morris. Cause “Zack Morris is the kind of boy every girl dreams of. Great looking, smart, and funny – yes, that’s Zack Morris. Zack Morris is a blond Tom Cruise. Zack Morris is a ten. Zack Morris is perfect in every way.”

My choice is still being able to Fly. Yeah. Definitely.

Mostalgic Monday: MTV, Music Videos in general, and Kurt Loder


What has happened to MTV?  Many of you have either said this alone to yourself or out loud to a crowd, but regardless of the method it resonates deeply within all of us.

I grew up with MTV.  It was molded into my childhood in a delicate but meaningful way, like Demi Moore and P-Swayze.  Now you look at MTV and it’s pure shit.  Serious though, what is on MTV that is still good?  I couldn’t tell you really cause I’m a poor actress so I don’t have cable myself, but I will tell you that when I do visit my parents twice a year I am on their cable so hard that it hurts.  MTV used to be one of em, now I just go back there for m(n)ostalgic reasons, but I’m always disappointed.    In 2010 the following happened ….

“In a move that signifies the end of an era, MTV will no longer include the words “Music Television” under its iconic logo. The Wrap was the first to report on the new logo, which will still feature the monolithic “M” and its dripping “TV,” but no underlying text. The shift seems to confirm what many have suspected for years: Following the cancellation of TRL and the success of Jersey Shore, The Hills and the Real World spin-offs, music is no longer MTV’s main priority.”

Clearly.  I mean let’s look at Beavis and Butthead as an example.  This was a show that I had to sneak to watch late at night.  My parents didn’t like Jeff and I to watch it.  They were crude, laughed weird and hilarious.  What’s not to love?  They were basically the Mystery Science Theatre of the MTV world.  They’re whole livelihood depended on music videos.  That is until they got so popular and sold out with that monstrosity of a movie that was made.


Music videos

The original purpose of MTV was to be “Music Television”, playing music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guided by on-air personalities known as VJs, or video jockeys. The original taglines of the channel were “You’ll never look at music the same way again,” and “On cable. In stereo.” Although the original MTV channel no longer plays music videos 24/7, several of its spin-off channels do so, including MTV Hits and MTV Jams. In addition, viewers can play music videos on-demand at MTV continues to support a broad selection of music videos on its international channels as well.

I LOVED watching music videos growing up.  I think my brother and I watched Michael Jackson’s “Scream” at least 600 times.  No, that’s rediculous.  But true.  The day it premiered I remember they would show it every hour on the hour and you could call in (I dont’ remember how) to try and win an autographed guitar from Michael.  We tried soooo hard.  Awww memories


It’s definitely one of my all time favorite music videos.  There is so much love and anger and awesomeness dripping out of this black and white futuristic masterpiece.  How much you think this cost?  a cool 7 million friend.  7 mill.  dedang.

Another favorite of mine was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”  I think I like the “story-telling” aspect of music videos like this.  Tom plays a morgue assistant of some kind who takes a beautiful deceased woman (Basinger) home with him, makes her dinner, dresses her up, dances with her, and then takes her out to a rocky shore where he releases her into the ocean. BUT after he does this you see her eyes are open.  SAY WHA?  exactly.  The imagery hants me still.    At the time Lil ol Joey had no idea what the euphemism for “Mary Jane” was.  I totally thought Kim Basinger’s character in the video was named Mary Jane and that she died but he wanted to only have one last dance with her.


This is rapidly becoming basically just a list of my favorite music videos.  I’m ok with that.  Moving on…

Mariah Carey “Honey”.  This is when she shed her “good girl” situation and officially became a slut.  Is that what divorce does to you?  Cause I love me some good Mariah Carey music videos, but this one is my jam.

Weezer “Buddy Holly”- ahhh yes.  This video is the bees knees.  Brilliant use of marketing and editing.  All around rad factor for this song and video.

Ostentatious rap videos are still common today, but has there ever been one as fun as “Mo Money Mo Problems?” Probably not. Biggie, Ma$e, and of course Diddy, ball out in wild outfits, float around without gravity, and dance among pyrotechnics. It may not be the most creative video of all time, but Hype Williams captured a moment for rap music, and he made it look so damn entertaining.

Ok this could just go on and on I know and I’d love to hear your fav videos.  Not everyone’s fav videos such as Michael’s “Thriller” or Madonna’s “Vogue”  Those are a given.  What are those hidden gems that you remember so vividly from so long ago.

Oh yeah, and bet you’re wondering why Kurt Loder was in the title.  Cause Kurt Loder to me embodies what old MTV was.  You hear his name and you automatically associate it with MTV.


He was what I like to refer to as the Giles “lump of sex” man.  Giles as in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  No doy.

Media Monday: New Feelings Time



I have funny friends.  I have always thought this.  Now a video that went viral this week over half a million people also agree with me.  In their latest video which parodies the Dove :real women beauty sketches which explores in the most raw form of how women really see themselves through sketches both describing themselves, and how a stranger sees them.  Most of us see only the flaws, the blemishes, the weird hair days, etc.  In the parody these brilliant lads explore this topic, but on a prettier and, dare I say, bulging note.

If you haven’t watched the original please do so now….

And now enjoy some New Feelings….

Proud to call them fellow artists, collaborators, and best of all, friends.

Daniel, Kurt, Keir, Scott, Erin, Andi, Chapin and Abby,  I salute you on this Media Monday.

Follow them and check out their other videos.  Their good’ns from good people

on twitter:@newfeelingstime


and their site of course: